Friday, 15 May 2015

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Best 3 Key Features To Go With My Airtel App

As we know, Airtel is one of the best leading telecom services in India. And also it provides standard service to the users. Apart from that Airtel is back with "My Airtel App" where you can get offers by shaking the application. This is one of the best applications where you can fill your balance or pay bills by one click. Not only you can fill balance, but also you can pay bills like DTH, Broadband, Prepaid and Postpaid services etc.

By this application you can manage all services like to activate/ de-activate Hellotune, astrology services, Jokes, buy products and much more. Even you can lodge complaints or take help directly from this application. This application supports almost all devices like Android, Windows, Blackberry and for IOS devices all the features are coming soon. This application support for Symbian devices, Users can download from Ovi store. One more awesome thing is no charge of data for Airtel Subscribers. You can manage or browse offers for free. Really awesome application from Airtel

Key Features of My Airtel App:

  • You can do recharge or pay bills from anywhere, anyplace and anytime with free data of My Airtel App. 
  • Enjoy cash back and surprise coupons when you do transactions or pay bills.
  • Full talktime offers from Airtel App. 
The above are the best key features to go with My Airtel App. Airtel App provides safe and secure payments with high security. And also you can save card information for faster transactions. Even you can track your bills or usage data or a request, which have you done payments. The application is user friendly where everyone can access easily and manage Airtel services. Quick notification alerts when your balance low, package alerts and much more with Airtel App.

Even you can buy or browse packages for Airtel Digital TV. Really an worthy application where you can manage all services in one place. Enjoy Airtel surprise coupons like Cafe Coffee Day, Shopping like Myntra, Flipkart, Ebay and Amazon, Entertainment like PVR Cinemas and Much more coupons. It supports almost all payment options like Credit Card, Debit, Net banking and also with Airtel Money.

Best of part of this application is No Data charge for Airtel Subscribers. For every transaction gets rewarded with surprise coupons. And also enjoy full talktime offers. Airtel is one of the best telecom services which provide value to the subscribers. It also provides all value added services like Hello tune, Astrology, Jokes, Songs download or stream with reasonable prices. The high speed data connection you can surf on demand. Best way to go with My Airtel App to enjoy all above features and service. The more additional features and services are coming soon. 
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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

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Every Transaction Get Rewarded From PayUmoney Payment

In this revolutionary world, Technology made easier people to save time and work. Now a days no need to go to shopping malls or markets to buy something. You can buy anything from online, with great offers. By this you can save your valuable time and work. There lots of online E-commerce websites which offer great discount's and deals.
PayUmoney Payment
The main advantage of online stores is free home delivery, Discounts, Try and Buy, Time saving, Freebies and much more. But finding a discount or deals is not easy to get. Sometime we can't find a deal, but buy directly from the stores. So, there are lots of websites where you can find best deals and deals with huge discounts. All offers in one place even you can find recharge offers, Food offers, Electronic offers and much more.
Till now we saw different websites which provide offers, discounts and deals within the website. Even if you get rewards or cash back after paying. So, there is a website called PayUmoney which rewards after paying on different goods or electronics. India based company which supports payment option in different E-commerce websites and supports all types of debit/credit cards. It is a third party payment option like others.

About PayUmoney:

An online payment option which rewards for every transaction. It supports almost all largest E-commerce and food websites like Foodpanda, Jabong, Myntra, Redbus, Tradus, Bookmyshow, Goibibo, Snapdeal and much more. Easy payment option, full protection while buying through payumoney and even this company launched mobile payments. Just download an app and pay using that application. I believe one of the best websites which rewards for every transaction. It’s a third part option like net banking. But it is difficult to find offers or cashback by paying with payumoney. So, there is a website where you can find all payumoney offers in one place.

Benefits of PayUmoney:

  • For every transaction gets rewarded.
  • Store your card information for easy payments.
  • Buyer protection and secure payment solution.
  • Almost all the online based shopping website supports.
  • Even you can do transactions by using mobile app.
  • Receive instant refunds on your payumoney wallet. 

PayUmoney Offers and Discount Place:

Picodi website provides payumoney coupons and other offers too. One of the best coupon websites with offers you find all types of deals and discounts of different Food, Electronic, Travel and E-commerce websites. Easy to activate any deal, Search any coupon or deal within the website and also you can save coupons after register. Even you can receive deals directly to your mail by subscribing Picodi. Simple and easy to activate any deal.


All the above information provided is from user experience and I suggest you people go with this pay for the payUmoney payment option which fully secure. Easy to use, User friendly options and also you can save your card information for every transaction. Still having any questions, please leave a comment we try our best and also don’t forget to share with your friends too.
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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

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5 Main Reasons To Redefine Asus Zenfone 2 Experience

Yes! Here we go world's first 4 GB RAM smartphone from ASUS Zenfone. We find lots of smartphones in the market, but they are not up to the mark. The first disadvantage of any smartphone is fast, user interface and other sort of problems we find. But when coming to ASUS Zenfone 2 we find 4GB RAM which is much faster when compared to other smartphones. The series of Asus zenfone was really good.

Top 5 Reasons To Go With ASUS Zenfone 2:

Best Performance:

When we use any application or multiple then we find lag or automatic disclose of any app. So, sometimes it's one of the main defects when coming to serious work. Zenfone 2 is coming with 4GB RAM 64-Bit chipset means its boost the performance and lag free device. I believe when comes to gaming it gives the best performance and lag free. All we find the best performance from smartphones.

Awesome Build Quality And Design:

The design of the Zenfone 2 is awesome and the brushed aluminum back panel which looks pretty. The quality of the phone and design structure was really good. The back panel was curved handle and fits in the hand well. I believe one of the best designs and also in quality. Ultra-thin device and good ergonomic design which looks like luxury device. The design of the sound volume buttons is awesome.

High Definition Display:

When coming to the display, which is 5.5 Inches with gorilla glass 3 and the resolution is 1920x1080 IPS. We can play and watch movies, videos in high definition. And also we can play games in high definition which feels like a real life gaming. Smooth and finger friendly touch.

Good User Interface And Experience:

The device comes with latest Android version Lollipop 5.0 and fully customized ZenUI. Adaptive brightness when low light situations and auto adjustable when high. Even you can find shortcuts like Bluetooth, WI-Fi, torch light and much more option in one touch. Really cool feature in ZenUI and full customizable on our demand. Even you can get future updates from Asus developers for more improvisation of performance.

Awesome Camera Quality:

Zenfone 2 with 13mega pixels and in front facing camera with 5 mega pixels. High quality photos without losing pixels. The speed of a shooting is very fast and shutter lag free. At night situations you can capture high resolution photos with Dual LED. There are different capturing modes in this device. 

The above are the best 5 reasons to go with ASUS Zenfone 2 and one of the awesome smartphone from ASUS. And also the main reason is long life battery performance with 3000mAh. The device is awesome with cool features and specification too.
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Thursday, 26 March 2015

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How To Get Money Online From Listverse Without Investment

Earning money online has become a trend for some and a hobby for others. Some might think this as a spamming method, but this is not the case.You can always engage in various activities which you like and then earn money from them. So today, I will tell you guys, on how you can take advantage of Listverse.

How To Get Money Online From Listverse Without Investment
Get Money From Listverse

First, What is Listverse? Well, it's a website when you can gain a lot of knowledge as well as knowing stuff which you did not know earlier. It contains a lot of lists, as the name suggests, and a lot of content where you can gain a lot of exposure. So you can ask what's the deal with it? I say that you can earn money from it. It's simple, effective and you can earn a pile of money from it. Here is the trick.

Make money online:


The good thing about Listverse is they accept posts and content from freelancer writers as well as bloggers. So if you are interested in sharing your knowledge with people and gain a lot of audience, then this is a place for you. So before you start writing posts right away and start to make money online without investment and get 100$, I would like to recommend something to you.

The criteria which you need to pass:

  • You should be an expert in writing and humorous.
  • Post of 1500 words.
  • No stealing.

That's it. Nothing else.You can  To further help you out, you need not include pictures or any videos for it as the team in Listverse is a good one. So you need not worry. And if you really want to include images you can always do that.

How to submit:

  1. Go here and fill the form.
  2. Down there, you could write your post and publish it.
  3. You need to have a Paypal account for gaining your 100$.

What you get:

  • If your post is selected, you get 100$ for that.
  • If your post managed to get in top four lists, you get an extra 500$
  • You get again extra 40$ for your pictures.
Another benefit of using Listverse is to publicize yourself, your blog and gain a huge audience beside you. The website team also includes your Blog link so that you gain a strong backlink to make your blog shine.


In this way, we could easily consider this as a moneymaker as you would get a lot of money from it.Nearly 15 million people read from their list so its a little tough for you to get selected. But, better than nothing, this is nearly the best and legitimate way to earn a lot using simple writing.

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Convert And Backup Google Play Store Apps To Apks

Converting apps can be a very handy trick to save a lot of time and effort. This trick works well if you want a specific carrier app such as Sony walkman player which is not available in google play store but you have a Sony mobile device. Apart from that, you could also share these apks to your friends if they cannot find that particular app in Google play store.

Convert And Backup Google Play Store Apps To Apks
Convert And Backup Play Store

Backuping can also be done so that you can save yourself from a huge disaster. Backuping is generally considered as a smart technique to save all the synced data and apps so that you may not regret after a catastrophe.

So here are some two simple yet easily findable method to backup and convert your apps.

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Convert and Backup apps:

1. By ES file manager:

ES file manager is the best file manager that you can get as of now. Period. No file manager can match its versality and feature packed nature. However, you could easily convert and backup as well mas manage your apps with inbuilt app manager. You could monitor your apps and its battery usage with no hassles. So here are the steps on how to convert and backup.collegedunia

Get your self into ES file manager and click on the options button. Its located at the top right hand side and you can get into it by clicking on the three horizontal lines.

Go through tools and get into app manager as shown in the image below. Here you could long press any app to select and then click on backup to convert it into apk.

You could access your backups by going into "Local--> Backup"

You are done. This is one method of doing it. This method is the most reliable method as it doesn't require any third party apps.

2. By Apk share:

If you really want a third party app, then apk share is the best bet. You could easily share apps from it similar to that of ES file manager. But I say that you use the method 1 as its more secure and private.

Open the app and select all the apps that you need to backup.

click on backup to backup. All the apps are stored in your external SD card.

Thats it folks. These are some of the easiest methods to backup as well as gain certain apps that only certain mobile phones have.

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Subscribe and comment below if you have any queries.
Dont forget to share.
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7 Novel Splendid Features Of The New Android L

Google I/O was very interesting when compared to the fact that Android L was unveiled there. However, Kitkat was very near to perfection, as per my opinion. So what did Google do to improve its best Operating system? What did it add to its own arsenal? This is exactly what I'm gonna let you know here. Without any further delay, here are some spectacular features of Android  L which adds novelty to its own lineup.

7 Novel Splendid Features Of The New Android L
Android L Features!

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Here they are:

1. Material Design:

Say what?! New design! Again! But this design is quite revolutionary because, Google has decided to make this a "default" with every of its new upcoming devices. This includes Android TV, smart watches and everything else. Google says this design is very cool and "innovative. To confirm this we need to first test the device and then we can make some remarks over it. Nevertheless , many icons has been changed to something more "flat". The  soft icons are changed very much, similar to  PlayStation icons. Unlike the Kitkat and jellybean versions, this L version has been given a light and white theme look to it, which makes it very acceptable.

2. Notification center:

Notification center is given a great overhaul and it looks that the developers have invested a lot of effort in it. All the notifications have been given a "card" type of look similar to that of Google now .This means Google is trying to unify all the user experience to one place which is very cool. The two fingers swipe from top to settings and one swipe to notifications is removed. This feature is replaced by only one swipe. If you again swiped down while keeping the notification drawer active, you could get quick settings. Another way to toggle the quick settings is to click "profile icon" located at the top. Brightness and auto rotate toggle has been added which is a great addition to the stock Android. Every notification is minimized unless you really want to make it appear. Notifications are even added to lock screen and surprisingly, we can modify it according to our privacy. Nifty popups are added similar to that of IOS making you to reply it at on the go.

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3. Lock screen:

Google has done some tricks with the lock screen. If you haven't been following tech and what it could do, you might think that this feature is "Magic" . If you have smart watch then you could easily unlock it without swiping. This works via Bluetooth. The phone detects that you have a smart watch and thus make you to use it. Pairing with this smart-watch has never been such an easier task. Swiping to the right lets you to get into fast calling ability and to the left we get the ol' traditional camera.

4. Animations:

Animations ! They are back with a lot of unnecessary stuff. Seriously. Many new animations, nearly for everything, have been added to make to phone "look fluid" but in my case, I have a nausea feeling using it. This purely depends on personal preference and may change from person to person. The thing which I didn't like about IOS is the fact that the animations will make me feel that you were riding some kind of roller coaster.. Now, lets keep my personal opinions aside and talk about the Animations. As I said earlier, they are added to nearly everything. From UI to even calculator. However, many new apps are not now supported to developer version, so I cannot comment on each one them. Ripple effect is added to the softkeys and the settings menu. Cards animation is pretty "neat" with a shrinking effect produced in it. 

5.Android Run Time:

Here comes the main advantage of L version, the ART! ART is not a painting but a Runtime which act as a substitute for the old traditional Dalvik run time.what does this mean to you? Well, this generally mean that opening apps is faster than ever. Faster to the rate of 50% than before ! Thats a serious case there! Google did let us preview it in the kitkat version but it was very buggy. But the company has managed to reduce all the bugs and let us enjoy the new version upto its limits. The above is the image on how fast the new Android run time is.

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6. Battery Issue solved :

Battery drain is the major issue that plagued Android for several years. People were complaining about this to Google and Alas! The company has finally paid heed to the consumers. According to project Volta,  new app is organized called as Battery Historian. As the name suggests, this app manages the usage of battery similar to that of Sony, HTC and samsung. It hibernates the apps which you do not use and applies full  battery on the apps which you only use.

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7. Many more:

As this Android L is not fully fledged released and only a developer version, we cant expect every feature to be showcased in this version. So we need to wait for the released version to judge all the versions . very soon you will find me reviewing the new version and make a list again of all the new features in the coming days and hence, please stay tuned to this blog.

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Top 5 Websites To Buy Web Hosting Services

As there are number of companies providing web hosting services, it is not that much easy to decide which one to choose. There are lot of aspects that needs to be taken into consideration like what prices they are charging for the first year and what charges they will ask for renewal, what additional features they have for you, their performance and the kind of support they are providing to you. The ideal choice will be the one which creates a fine balance between all the above mentioned aspects. Further it also depends on which kind of requirement you are having. If cost is your concern then shared hosting will also be okay for you, but if you want it for high end business purposes then you should search for some speed and quality hosting services which are truly professional.
Web Hosting Services
Hosting Services

Here are top web hosting services companies who are offering some wonderful combinations of price, bandwidth, features, data storage and support. Please check it out and try to make your decision on the basis of it.

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting service providers. It is offering two types of plans, first one is standard shared plan at $4.95 per month and the second one is dedicated server plan for those who require larger bandwidth and greater availability. Plus there are also valuable services in its basic plan, like multiple email accounts, unlimited database, unlimited file transfer, plus free domain registration and many more features.

Hostgator invites its customer with unlimited bandwidth, larger disk space, hundreds of ready templates which can be installed easily, plus uptime guarantee. Its basic plan starts with $ 3.96 per month. Even if you are taking its basic plan still there are lots of features in it like unlimited email and easy to install clicks

Godaddy is very popular in web hosting services and is well known for its services and support that it provides to its customers. It entered the web hosting market in 1997 and all these years it has really worked hard to develop a space for itself in the minds of the customers. And now it is one of the most popular names in web hosting. It is charging Rs 125 per month for the basic plan. It has 6 million hosted websites in its credit.

Bigrock can also be a decent option for your domain hosting. It has two options to offer, first one is Linux advanced plan, which starts from $3.49 per month, in which you are getting a single domain, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited emails. Second one is windows premium plan starting at $4.39 per month. Again you have all the same features in it like unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth.

It provides web building services along with hosting. For web building it charges additional. It basic plan starts with $.99 per month in which you are getting 300 GB space, plus unlimited bandwidth. Till yet they have registered 2.5 million domains. It has several plans depending on the requirements which may vary from individuals to medium and small sized business web hosting.


The above are the top best websites to buy web hosting and the information provided is correct.I suggest you go with this sites for best services.
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