Tuesday, 8 July 2014

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Play Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Multiplayer For Free With Mod Support.

Battlefield is the only multiplayer FPS game that blows all the other games in the same genre out of the water. You know why? Because of its large atmosphere and highly customizability. Apart from that there are plethora of vehicles and all are drive-able. Sorry COD fanboys, I couldn't find that thingy in your games..

But with the coming of BF3 and BF4, EA has become very greedy and is sucking a lot of money from its loyal fans. The another most ridiculous thing is that they removed the modding ability from the users and offered a stale game.

So if you love Battlefield games and want to try them out including multiplayer with modding support, then fear not, I came up with a tutorial on how to play this game for free.
So here we go.

Iam not responsible for any copyright infringements and you do it on your own risk. And also, piracy is not supported by me nor by Emulator Nexus. This tutorial is just based on BFBC2 exploit.

What you need:

  • Bad company 2 game installed.
  • Patience.

Here Are The Steps:

Download BFBC2 and install it. Also download the update from here and update the game. If you haven't updated your game, then this tutorial may not work.

Go to Emulator Nexus and register with a username. This username is used to login in the game.

Download the Projectrome file and extract it. Here is the direct download link for it.

Copy and paste the "dinput.dll" from the above downloaded file to your game directory. Generally, the game can be located in Local Drive C -> Program Files -> BFBC2.
If you cannot find it, be sure to use the search option.

Launch Bfbc2.exe click on play now. You will be prompted by the game asking user name and password. Fill the username and password that you have used for registering the account.

Now you are almost done. Go to server browser in the game and click on reset button so that each and every server shows up when you search for them.
Click on search and you will be presented with a list of servers.
Join any server and play the game!
You can also play Vietnam free of cost. Enjoy !

If you have any questions about this tutorial, then ask me in the comments below.
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Sunday, 29 June 2014

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7 Novel Splendid Features Of The New Android L

Google I/O was very interesting when compared to the fact that Android L was unveiled there. However, Kitkat was very near to perfection, as per my opinion. So what did Google do to improve its best Operating system? What did it add to its own arsenal? This is exactly what I'm gonna let you know here. Without any further delay, here are some spectacular features of Android  L which adds novelty to its own lineup.

7 Novel Splendid Features Of The New Android L
Android L Features!

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Here they are:

1. Material Design:

Say what?! New design! Again! But this design is quite revolutionary because, Google has decided to make this a "default" with every of its new upcoming devices. This includes Android TV, smart watches and everything else. Google says this design is very cool and "innovative. To confirm this we need to first test the device and then we can make some remarks over it. Nevertheless , many icons has been changed to something more "flat". The  soft icons are changed very much, similar to  PlayStation icons. Unlike the Kitkat and jellybean versions, this L version has been given a light and white theme look to it, which makes it very acceptable.

2. Notification center:

Notification center is given a great overhaul and it looks that the developers have invested a lot of effort in it. All the notifications have been given a "card" type of look similar to that of Google now .This means Google is trying to unify all the user experience to one place which is very cool. The two fingers swipe from top to settings and one swipe to notifications is removed. This feature is replaced by only one swipe. If you again swiped down while keeping the notification drawer active, you could get quick settings. Another way to toggle the quick settings is to click "profile icon" located at the top. Brightness and auto rotate toggle has been added which is a great addition to the stock Android. Every notification is minimized unless you really want to make it appear. Notifications are even added to lock screen and surprisingly, we can modify it according to our privacy. Nifty popups are added similar to that of IOS making you to reply it at on the go.

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3. Lock screen:

Google has done some tricks with the lock screen. If you haven't been following tech and what it could do, you might think that this feature is "Magic" . If you have smart watch then you could easily unlock it without swiping. This works via Bluetooth. The phone detects that you have a smart watch and thus make you to use it. Pairing with this smart-watch has never been such an easier task. Swiping to the right lets you to get into fast calling ability and to the left we get the ol' traditional camera.

4. Animations:

Animations ! They are back with a lot of unnecessary stuff. Seriously. Many new animations, nearly for everything, have been added to make to phone "look fluid" but in my case, I have a nausea feeling using it. This purely depends on personal preference and may change from person to person. The thing which I didn't like about IOS is the fact that the animations will make me feel that you were riding some kind of roller coaster.. Now, lets keep my personal opinions aside and talk about the Animations. As I said earlier, they are added to nearly everything. From UI to even calculator. However, many new apps are not now supported to developer version, so I cannot comment on each one them. Ripple effect is added to the softkeys and the settings menu. Cards animation is pretty "neat" with a shrinking effect produced in it. 

5.Android Run Time:

Here comes the main advantage of L version, the ART! ART is not a painting but a Runtime which act as a substitute for the old traditional Dalvik run time.what does this mean to you? Well, this generally mean that opening apps is faster than ever. Faster to the rate of 50% than before ! Thats a serious case there! Google did let us preview it in the kitkat version but it was very buggy. But the company has managed to reduce all the bugs and let us enjoy the new version upto its limits. The above is the image on how fast the new Android run time is.

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6. Battery Issue solved :

Battery drain is the major issue that plagued Android for several years. People were complaining about this to Google and Alas! The company has finally paid heed to the consumers. According to project Volta,  new app is organized called as Battery Historian. As the name suggests, this app manages the usage of battery similar to that of Sony, HTC and samsung. It hibernates the apps which you do not use and applies full  battery on the apps which you only use.

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7. Many more:

As this Android L is not fully fledged released and only a developer version, we cant expect every feature to be showcased in this version. So we need to wait for the released version to judge all the versions . very soon you will find me reviewing the new version and make a list again of all the new features in the coming days and hence, please stay tuned to this blog.

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

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Get Rumored Android 5 Icons: Moonshine, Without Rooting

Get Rumored Android 5 Icons: Moonshine, Without Rooting
Android 5.0 !?

Android 5 has been confirmed by Google senior vice president in Android field, Sundar Pichai and he said that he is going to unveil the preview to us at Google I/O. Due to that announcement, there has been a lot of buzz and some cool screenshot of this upcoming version has leaked by Google itself. Here is the pic below.

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Although, the pic doesn't show something groundbreaking, but it certainly shows the new icons and little revamped UI. They look very much minimalist and there is a "2D" look given to it which makes it very similar to IOS, atleast in the "flat" look. The notifications shade is given a transparent look to showcase the wallpaper behind.

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However, you might be wondering, "How can I get those Goodies?" Apparently, there is no official announcement that these are the final versions of the changes shown above but its quite logical and harmless to assume that these are real.
Here is the picture showing you the differences between the custom and new ones.

 So, If you wanna get those goodies, then you need to download an Icon pack from Google play store called  "Moonshine" and then install it. Iam now gonna list on how you could install them in two ways.


Install procedure 1 :

To install this pack, you need to have a launcher which supports the installation of this pack. Here are the list which this pack is compatible with.
  • Nova
  • Apex
  • ADW
  • Smart
  • Action
  • Unicorn
  • Go
  • Many more.

Open the "Moonshine" app, check the launcher which you use and then apply it . Voila ! You have just changed an Icon pack :) .

Install procedure 2:

What if you are fed-up with these custom launcher stuff and want an other method to install this pack? If so, there are again , two methods to do it. One is via rooting and then theming, second one is using this recent app called "Beautiful Icon styler".The Rooting option is ruled out, as we don't consider it in this post.

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After installing Moonshine , you need to open "Beautiful icon styler" and then apply it.. As simple as that.
You can even change each one of them, but this requires you to pay for that app.
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Sunday, 22 June 2014

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Better Minimalist Facebook App Alternatives For Android.

Facebook, as we all know that is the most used social website, atleast here in India. But say what? The authorities really suck when coming to their selection and management. The refresh rate takes a hell lot of time and the messaging feature is such a clumsy one. I was presently "Okay" with this kind of work by Facebook but when I learnt that the social giant could read any message by the help of that dreadful app, I got up my seat and uninstalled it right away.

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Better Minimalist Facebook App Alternatives For Android.
Facebook App Alternatives

I could now, say that it was the best thing that I have done lately. So then I just decided to look through some good alternatives and to my surprise, there were ton of applications which are a lot better than the official application. But the problem is, there were so many of them in the play store, that it was a pain to select the best one among them. But nevertheless, I have done it and decided to write a post over it. Hence, here are some best Facebook app alternatives that you could get presently.

Facebook App alternatives:

1. Atruim :

Atrium is the best alternative that you can get now, period. Its everything you need , no nonsensical stuff going on in there. If you were a fan of the original web facebook, then atrium doesn't let you down. The application works seamlessly and Iam glad that the developer has put a lot of effort in it. Every friend is easily available at your finger tips, everything works like the official application is intended to be. The theme is same as the casual app, blue and white one, but it's a great for the FB geeks.
The only problem is, you can't find the application in the playstore, as of now. The developer removed it for some purpose, but is planning to include it as fast as he can, with a new overhauled improved version. However, you could sideload it very easily form other websites.
Download : Atrium.

2. Fast Facebook:

Fast for FB is a good alternative for those who would like a fully customizable FB version. Everything, from the color to lay out can be customized very easily. Color combination, ranging form, red-white, blue-white and even green combination is available. As the name suggests, its very fast and Minimalist in nature. It uses a lot of less data usage and it is for those who struggle to minimize their internet usage without compromising quality. The only thing, which I didn't like about was , the software didn't look substantial. It looked like something was scraped and then pasted over a lay-out. The newsfeed was divided with many little things, that made it look, especially in my case, ugly. However, I like the software very much and it will take some time for newbie FBers to get used to.
Download:: Fast FB.

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3. Klyph:

What if you like Google+ better than facebook due to its cool looking interface and card over lay? What if you could make FB look like it? Awesome right? This is exactly what Klyph does.Cards are implemented very cleverly with good animation capabilities. Speed also never disappoints us. With great animations and smooth overall experience, I would say that when coming to the implementing of design, Facebook should really look through this app. However,it has many drawbacks punching you directly right into the face. It doesn't have chat option and everything is not visible over the surface. We need to dig way down to get things right especially the profile one. Liking and sharing are quite obsolete and thus making it a major let down.
Download :: Klyph

4. Friendcaster:

Using friendcaster, as an alternative, will make you feel that you are right at home. Little things like the colour are very similar to the original one. However, as a part of customization, you could change it at your will very easily. Sharing , liking and surprisingly, check-ins are very easy to do. Speed is very fast and refreshing take just a second to load. Coming towards the cons, the application doesn't feature chatting right from out of the box. It requires an add-on to be downloaded again to add that feature as an extension. The price is also a let down. Its $5 , which is quite a lot especially in developing countries like India.
Download :: Friendcaster


Facebook page:

If you aren't yet satisfied with all those above softwares , then you are really looking for something which truly resembles FB yet having all that features. This application not only resembles FB, but looks the exactly the same because its a facebook web page. You can download and save the official FB web page using the browser and then keeping at your desktop. Apart form the icon, everything works like a charm. From chatting to sharing and liking, everything works flawlessly. But, you need to do some hand gymnastics to click the small icons with your fingers.

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Friday, 20 June 2014

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Multitask Like A Boss Using These Apps On Your Android Phone Or Tablet

Multitasking is the prime feature of Android, atleast as of Samsung touchwiz. But we can't get the every little ditto copy of Samsung's own multitasking ability. But as it's open source, we can sure get some of the apps which helps us to perform these epic and extreme multitasking without losing a sweat.

Multitask Like A Boss Using These Apps On Your Android Phone Or Tablet
Multitask Like A Boss

So here is how we do it. Iam gonna list some of the cool Multitasking applications needed to you which are even supportable in tablet and other Mobile devices. Here they are:

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Multitask Apps:


I need to say, Multitasking works like a charm on my tablet and Iam quite confident that it will work the same way with your other devices as well. What this application does it, it opens the apps in windows, unlike the old traditional way on how this linux based operating system runs. You could easily change the size, number of windows, they can be moved anywhere in the screen and this works awesome with tablet and other large screen devices. The customizations are also well are good enough for a normal user.

Download: Multitasking

Pie Controls:

Pie navigation were included in the operating system from the custom ROMs such as PA , AOKP and cyanogenmod. And from then on, it gained a lot of attention among the users and thus became very popular. But the only defect was that it cannot be installed in a non-rooted device. Hence, some developers got together and made this nifty app called as Pie controls. This software works similar to that of its root counterpart. Swipe for the right of left to bring the navigation menu in the shape of "Pie". This application replaces the custom software navigation buttons which were taking your precious screen real estate. The only drawback is you cannot customize it more often and its way limited.

Download : Pie controls 

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By far, this is the best Multitasking app I've used so far. The appearance, is very similar to the HALO feature of Paranoid Android and works nearly in the same way apart from showing the notifications. A small circle is shown at one of the corners hinting that the application is running and when you click it, you could see various options related to homescreen, Lock or Unlock you smartphone, launching a particular program. However, you could customize this software on according to your will and thus making this application far more powerful than its competition.Themes can also be changeable very commonly. Ranging from all the plethora of application selection to even weather options, all enclosed in a neat tabular interface, I would say that this the best Multitasking application. Period.

Download: Toucher

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Who doesnt know about Switchr? This app is very cool and has managed to enter my favorites. This works like Pie controls but instead of the navigation options , you get a wide array of selection of applications. There is also various ways to manage them too. You could get the "UI" in the word of arc or in cards form. However, you could easily discard some of the applications which you dont use much often. You could arrange the Switchr at either of the two corner screens and then you could also tweak the width also. Live task switching feature is cool too as you could see the some of the softwares live which are running in the background using some neat gestures.

Download: Switchr.


These are some of my Best multitasking applications.However, these are not based on the rank wise list and I have listed the apps which I use for my tablet. If I missed something, like an app, then please share it in the comments below. Like it if you like the post and subscribe to our Feed to receive all the latest tips and tricks !
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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

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Easiest Way To One Click Root Any Android Device Without PC

Rooting, as we know is becoming a basic terms among people and many want to try them in their particular device. However, some devices might not be capable to root or the users might not find any good method of rooting them. Another reason why people dont root because its an hectic and a tedious job. Some people dont have a computer or a PC to carry out there rooting work so they just give up.

Easiest Way To One Click Root Any Android Device Without PC
Android Root Without Using A PC

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So, if you were in those category of people, then fear not. We have found a great way to root any Android device, with just one click and as an icing on the cake, without using a PC. So here we go.

Root Any Android Device:

I am not responsible if you have bricked your device. Normally, the chances are low but even if you have done it, anyway, I am not responsible for it.

What do you need:

Step 1 :
Download the Towelroot by going into their official website and clicking the "Lambda" icon and it starts downloading. Note that, some browsers detect it as Virus(obviously) because its an exploit done by a developer called Geohot. So you need not worry and just carry on the process.

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Step 2:
Tick the "Install from unknown sources" to install the towelroot. Now execute the apk file and you are good to go.

Step 3:
Open the app and click on "make it ra1n" button and the app then installs some stuff and reboots.Congo now ! Your device is rooted  :)

Step 4:
Download your ol' SuperSU app from Google play store and you are good to go.

If you want to reassure whether the mobile is rooted or not, download the Root checker from playstore and click on "verify root access". It will show you whether the device is rooted or not.

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Geohot has told us that every device released before June 3 2014 can be rooted using this nifty app. However, if that doesn't work for you, you could mail the dev and tell him about it so that he could fix it.

Take a note that rooting doesn't mean that you could install any ROM or kernel right away. If you really need to install custom ROMs, you need to unlock the boot loader in the same, old traditional way1

Rooting allows the administrator rights and you can tweak and install an apps you want.
Unlocking boot-loader means that you could "flash" or install custom ROMs, kernels.

Leave a like and comment below if this trick worked.
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Sunday, 15 June 2014

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Run Firefox OS On Your PC Using A Simulator

Running Android OS on PC is a piece of cake. But what if we could do the same thing with the new operating system by Mozilla called "Firefox OS" ? In this particular tutorial, Iam going you to explain you guys on how to run this OS on your computer very easily.

Run Firefox OS On Your PC Using A Simulator
FireFox OS On PC

Why should you consider Firefox OS?

This operating system is based on HTML5. So, fortunately , its open source. This is the main advantage because they can integrate all the addons from their browser to Mobile making the apps market largely populated. The CEO of Mozilla said that it's even more customizable than Android as the latter only uses the Google services where as the Firefox uses all the apps taken from HTML5. Comparing this OS with Android is generally not needed as they are based on their individual seperate platforms.  

Lets get started:

What you need:

  1. Functional computer
  2. Mozilla firefox
  3. Ofcourse an Internet connection.

Method to do it :

Step 1 :
Download the addon for Mozilla browser from here and install it. The addon is a simulator which is a lot similar to that of Bluestacks.

Step 2:
Install the addon by allowing it to make changes. After installing, you should automatically taken to the dashboard shown in the pic below. 

If you aren't taken there, then go to tools > Web developer > Firefox OS simulator.

Step 3:
To trigger the emulator, press the switch and it will start running. Now you are good to go and test the operating system.

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Software preview:

Firefox OS is very much similar to that of Android. Ranging from notifications to settings, everything is nearly the same.

When you first open the simulator, you could see a neat homepage with circular icons present at the bottom.

The homepage, similar to that of Android is very customizable and has the very bells and whistles of Android apart from the widgets.

Swiping from left to right shows the applications and the search bar at the left home screen. Every app is listed on the homescreen similar to that of Ios and can be opened by just clicking on them. When long pressing on them, you could remove as well as change their positions very easily.

Swiping for the top to bottoms shows the iconic notification center having all the toggles such as Wifi, bluetooth and many more.

Coming to the apps, they work fine but they need a lot of tuning and optimization. Considering this is the early release or trial version, this can be solved in the upcoming updates. Majority of the main apps such as Facebook, Twitter etc are preloaded so that you need not install them from the marketplace.

The marketplace is very much similar to Google play store but it doesnt have manority of the apps. But the company assured us that it will provide a lot of apps. As its HTML5 based, even you can make apps very easily.
The internet works like a charm, at least in the emulator utilizing the wifi efficiently.

The settings contains the same, traditional tabs you can find in any Android phone with the same usage and UI. It doesn't have all the latest tweaks and tricks required but its "Ok" for a beta version to try out. We can just hope for new options at release.

Gaming is also great but has only some gaming apps due to the market inavailability. I have also noticed some rare lags and hiccups when gaming. Mainly when playing Candy crush and Cut the rope. Hope the company looks forward to this issue.

Majority of features such as camera and gallery doesn't work as this is a simulator. Notifications cannot be tested thoroughly as it requires SIM option and memory storage option. 


Considering the large dev support and open source nature, I truly believe that Mozilla is gonna give competiton to the big dogs in the market. This Operating system is towards the emerging markets such as India and the company has already planned its new phone in collaboration with intex in India for a mere 2000rs. Sony, Samsung and the remaining big players have also noticed the development of this os and may try to include one of their phones in the arsenal of Mozilla.

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