Friday, 20 November 2015

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Motorola's New Smartphone For Every One - Moto E

Motorola's New Smartphone For Everyone - Moto E

There had been some rumors about the new smartphone for everyone called Moto E. Rumors suggest that E stands for Everyone and Motorola aims to occupy the lower budget smartphone segment.
Motorola has probably considered this smartphone because of the huge success of Moto G particularly in the Indian markets in-spite of its low advertisements and low marketing schemes.Motorola seems to do the magic again with a new budget smartphone up its sleeve.Later , Motorola sent an invitation to its even which is scheduled on May 13th.This particular phone seems that it is similar to that of Moto G but in its low specced version.This invitation was first spotted on Motorola's own website inviting Indian people to its own event.

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As far as we know there are some unofficial release of specs and its considered as a trusted leak by many of the smartphone geeks and websites.It shows the specifications of the smartphone Moto E.
Here are the rumored specifications are listed below .


OS:                 Android 4.4.2 Kitkat.
Processor:       Dual core 1.2 Ghz
RAM:             1GB
Display:           4.3 inch 540 X 960 pixel resolution.(~256 ppi)
Camera:          Primary 5 MP 2592 X 1944 resolution.
Battery:           1900 MAh according to certain reports.
SIM:              Dual SIM ( Micro SIM )
Others:           FM radio , Geotagging, Accelometer and everything else from a budget smartphone.

By looking at the above specifications, they are not that great but at the price point , its awesome.Some of the details about which processor is being used , Resolution of front cam , And battery aren't of any great certainity.But at 4GB internal some people find this smartphone a bad deal but thankfully Motorola has included a Micro SD card slot as the Rumors suggest.
Motorola, now certainly decides to take over the market by this end of the year 2014.We can know this when the phone gets revealed on May 13th.So far the specifications look good.When it comes to India, It looks like Moto E is going to get a lot of competition from Indian smartphone manufacturers like the Micromax, Karbonn , Xolo and ofcourse, the leading sub 10 k smartphones , Lumia 520 and Lumia 525 (Check Windows 8.1 features ).But, Nevertheless , this phone looks great because of the specs and hope its build quality will be top grade as its from Motorola.
So what go you guys say ? Is it worth buy ?

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Play Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Multiplayer For Free With Mod Support.

Battlefield is the only multiplayer FPS game that blows all the other games in the same genre out of the water. You know why? Because of its large atmosphere and highly customizability. Apart from that there are plethora of vehicles and all are drive-able. Sorry COD fanboys, I couldn't find that thingy in your games..

But with the coming of BF3 and BF4, EA has become very greedy and is sucking a lot of money from its loyal fans. The another most ridiculous thing is that they removed the modding ability from the users and offered a stale game.

So if you love Battlefield games and want to try them out including multiplayer with modding support, then fear not, I came up with a tutorial on how to play this game for free.
So here we go.

Iam not responsible for any copyright infringements and you do it on your own risk. And also, piracy is not supported by me nor by Emulator Nexus. This tutorial is just based on BFBC2 exploit.

What you need:

  • Bad company 2 game installed.
  • Patience.

Here Are The Steps:

Download BFBC2 and install it. Also download the update from here and update the game. If you haven't updated your game, then this tutorial may not work.

Go to Emulator Nexus and register with a username. This username is used to login in the game.

Download the Projectrome file and extract it. Here is the direct download link for it.

Copy and paste the "dinput.dll" from the above downloaded file to your game directory. Generally, the game can be located in Local Drive C -> Program Files -> BFBC2.
If you cannot find it, be sure to use the search option.

Launch Bfbc2.exe click on play now. You will be prompted by the game asking user name and password. Fill the username and password that you have used for registering the account.

Now you are almost done. Go to server browser in the game and click on reset button so that each and every server shows up when you search for them.
Click on search and you will be presented with a list of servers.
Join any server and play the game!
You can also play Vietnam free of cost. Enjoy !

If you have any questions about this tutorial, then ask me in the comments below.
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Best 5 Phones You Can Buy In 15000rs

Smartphones are one of the best innovation in Human life.But buying one, can be a tedious task.Indian market is almost filled with a lot smartphones which are increasing day by day.This include smartphones from Samsung , Sony and always , Motorola. Even the Indian giants have stepped in the competition by providing great specifications to the price ratio.Although this might be not the case with Budget smartphones.
In India, and as well as many other countries there are people who are really budget minded.They need a smartphone which can do nearly every task you throw at.There are many smartphones having great camera ,display and operating system but the latter has the same thing too.So selecting a better smartphone in these cluster of ones can be a hectic job and quite a tedious one.Here are some of the budget smartphones, noted with their specifications listed to make the job a little easier for you.
Best 5 smartphones in 15000rs !

Top Budget Smartphones:

1.Motorola G:

Motorola has entered the Indian market with a bang by announcing their budget smartphone Moto G.It collaborated with Flipkart and released their phone and it 15 mins, It was out of stock! It raised the bar of budget smartphones.This phone, as made by Motorola has exceptional build quality as well as the great Snapdragon 400 processor built in it.It also has the best in class display available in a very tight budget.It sports a 5MP camera which is not a bad thing ( when considered the price ) and gives lag free performance.Apart from that it is loaded with latest Android firmware "Kitkat".

OS:            Android 4.3 can be upgradable to 4.4.2 Kitkat.
Processor:  Quadcore 1.2 Ghz Cortex A-7, Adreno 305
RAM:        1GB
Display:      4.5 inch IPS LCD, 720 x 1280  (~326ppi)
Camera:     5MP , Video at 720p@30 fps
Battery:      Non removable Li ion 2070 MAh battery.
SIM:          Micro SIM
Memory:    8GB/16GB non expandable.
Others:      3G , Nanotechnology , FM radio

2.Lumia 720 :

Lumia 720 is one of the best looking phones available in this budget variants.Although its a windows phone, it is a good choice for those who want a non-Xtra feature phone and non andriod phone.And Lumia 720 also features Windows 8.1 update, which is a quite useful update(check Windows 8.1 features).720 packs in 1GHz snapdragon s400 processor and its dual core.Which means that it is sufficient for fluid Windows 8 experience.It features 6.7 Megapixel camera which is backed up by Nokia camera app as well as popularly known called Nokia refocus.In short, Its a sweet Phone with great Windows experience.You can get it at exceptional price by applying some coupons available online.

OS:            Windows 8 can be upgradable to Windows 8.1 soon
Processor:  Dual core 1GHZ , Adreno 305
RAM:        512 MB RAM
Display:      4.3 inch IPS LCD display , 480x800 (~217ppi)
Camera:      6.1 MP , Carl Zeiss optics , 720 P @ 30 fps
Battery:      Non removable Li  ion 2000MAh battery
SIM:           Micro SIM
Memory:    8 GB internal and expandable.
Others:       3g, Little curved Display , FM radio , Nokia support.

3.Xolo play T1000:

Xolo is the company known for exceptional build quality for a surprisingly low price.Xolo has hit the sweetspot by announcing Xolo play t1000 at 14.500 rs.It features a 4.7 inch HD display with one glass technology.It has a good classy design similar to that of Google nexus but in plastic.It also sports 8 Megapixel camera which is incredible in this price range.But I would like to note that Its Os is stuck at Android 4.1 only.But at this price range it is one of the best Android phone to buy apart from that of Moto G.

OS:            Andriod 4.1.1 jelly Bean
Processor:  nVidia Tegra 3 Quadcore 1.5 GHz. , ULP geforce.
RAM:        1GB
Display:      4.7 inch IPS LCD , 720x1280 (~312 ppi )
Camera:     8MP , 1080p @ 30 FPS
Battery:      Li ion 2000 MAh.
SIM:          Mini SIM
Memory:    4GB internal and expandable
Others:      Accelrometer ,compass, 3G

4.Xperia L:

Sony has announced Xperia L for budget minded people.Although Moto G outmatches it nearly in all fields,Xperia L shines in its camera and build quality .Xperia L features 4.3 inch LCD display.It also sports 1GHz of processor and also it received Android 4.3 just lately. The phone build quality is quite exceptional and its quite controversial too.Some people like its sleek design but some people doesnt like its concave shape of design.Leaving the design asides, Xperia L has some notification lights which are beautiful.So Xperia L is also a good buy inspite of being updated.

OS:            Andriod 4.1 can be upgradable to 4.2.2
Processor:  Qualcomm snapdragon 1 GHz dual core, Adreno 305
RAM:         1GB
Display:       4.3 inch TFT, 480x850 (~228 ppi)
Camera:      8MP, 3264x2248 resolution ,720 @30fps
Battery:       Li ion 1750 MaH battery.
SIM:           Mini SIM
Memory:     8 GB internal and can be expandable
Others:        3 G , FM radio

5.Lenovo s820:

Lenovo s820 was announced in May,2013.Lenovo comes with 1.2 GHz mediatek processor and sports 1GB of RAM.It also has a little curved display similar to that of Lumia 720 to register good gestures.The curve also reduces the amount the glare from the screen.It also has 4.7 inch display 178. degrees of viewing angle.It has also dual SIM and supports Micro SD.

OS:            Android 4.2
Processor:  Mediatek quadcore 1.2 Ghz , Power VX sgx544
RAM:        1GB
Display:      IPS LCD, 4.7 inch ,720x1280 (~312 ppi)
Camera:     12 MP , Autofocus
Battery:      Li po 2000 MAh
SIM:          Dual SIM
Memory:    4 GB internal and can be expandable
Others:      3G , FM radio , Little curved display , Glare resistant.

So these are the phones which you must consider to buy if you are looking for budget smartphones.Also consider Xperia M, Canvas series and Gionee as they are also offering good specs to price ratio.

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Moto E Announced In India For Sale At Rs 6990

Moto E Announced In India For Sale At Rs 6990:

Climbing up through the rumors stack, at last, Moto E gets announced globally on May 13th.Well, the Rumors were quite true as this phone is less than 10000rs bracket and is designed for everyone.
Moto E is now the most affordable phone made by the rising giant, Motorola and it joins the arsenal with Moto G as well as Moto X which are exceptional devices.

Now, Motorola is trying to gain the Indian market after seeing the astonishing sales of Moto X as well as Moto G.


Speaking of the specifications, Moto E is backed up by a capacitive display measuring 4.3 inches in its size and having a resulotion of 540 X 960 pixels (~256 ppi).Even though the display is not 720p as suggested by rumors, the company says that its a great as well as sharp display to note about.Its RAM is 1GB which is a feather over the top and an internal storage of 4GB but surprisingly the company included a Micro SD slot to accommodate to the low internal memory.
Its CPU is 1.2 GHZ Snapdragon 200 processer backed by Adreno 302 as its graphic unit.Camera is 5 MP but no front camera which is its con.
Other features include FM radio, Wifi, 3G, Bluetooth and everything else normally present in a smartphone.

The main good feature about this phone ios resistant to the elements.Sourced by Corning Glass, The company flaunts that Moto E could survive scratches as well as Water splash resistant.Note that Water splash resistant is not similar to that to IP certification of water resistant.So you need to be a little careful when dealing with water.

Coming towards the battery, the company says that it will last a whole long day with a single charge.But, the battery is Non removable Li-ion 1980 Mah.
As we all know about Motorola that it offers great update ability to their phones.If you own a new generation Motorola phone, you might have known it probably by now. Moto E comes with preloaded Android 4.4.2 kitkat as its operating system and the Motorola says that it will make the Phone be quite updated.

You can buy the mobile from Flipkart.
Here is the Youtube video of Moto E


From its software compatibility to its great design language, the company is likely to be trying to gain a lot of share from the market, especially from India.Motorola is looking for sales like Moto G which were marvelous in India with Moto E and we are quite sure it will happen.
So what do you guys say?Is Moto E worth the hype?Or not?

Give your opinions in the comments below and share to make people aware of the new Moto E.
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Top Features to Note About Windows 8.1 Update!

Finally , a worthy competitor to the two mobile platform giants-Android and Ios, is the all new windows 8.1
Windows 8 was introduced by Microsoft four years ago as a mobile platform.Since then it gained popularity because of its elegance and simplicity.But it lacked some of the major features which would make it worse when comparing it with android or Ios .Windows 8 was a bit old fashioned and limited the way of usage of the user.From the inability to change the wall paper to customization of home screen,windows lacked many features.But with the introduction the the all new update windows 8.1,Microsoft has not only taken its ground in the smartphone field but also gained significant buzz around the internet.So here the new features worthy to be noted , which are added to the arsenal of windows 8 with the windows 8.1 update!

Windows 8.1 phone update!

Swype to type:

Windows keyboard has been upgraded to accept swype typing.Which means that when you are typing, you can swipe through out the list of words.Then the phone interprets our typing in almost accurate form.This can be easily understood by the android users and windows users who were jealous about this feature exclusive to Android and Ios Swyping is used by almost every user and they report that it is very good for fast typing.So it is a relief to see such feature in Windows 8.1.

Upgraded Internet explorer:

Internet explorer is the major trademark of Microsoft company.So it is quite obvious to expect this thing again in windows 8.1 but in revamped form.It means it is now easier to navigate across the webpage and the internet ,no matter what gadget you use such as Phone or tablet.This is a major revamp in Internet explorer alone.IE 11 comes with secure browsing called Inprivate which is similar to the Incognito feature in Chrome.Many customizations have been done to the user interface which is always a good thing.With IE 11 many developers need not be sad due to addition of specialized developer tools.

Cortana , A personal assistant:

This is the major feature which has been showcased and popularized majorly by Microsoft officials, and I would like to say that this feature deserved it.Windows 8.1 comes with its own personal assistance package inbuilt. Cortana is similar to that of Google now and Siri but a lot more better.Google now , however to its brilliant search capabilities cannot act as a personal assistant whereas Siri cannot be as efficient as Google now.But Cortana is the best of the two.It organizes our events thoroughly and brilliantly acts like our own personal assistant.Now windows doesn't feel old but it behaves a little more smart compared to its previous version due to addition of this Cortana.
When Cortana has done hearing you , it can perform several various tasks such as keeping a reminder , Setting up an Alarm and of course, Keeping track of flights and airplanes.You can make Cortana to dictate you the message or save the contact for later use.You can also make us remind something for someone, when that person calls.This is the one and only one feature which majorly enhances the user experience of Windows and readily attracts lot of customers to it.

Notifications are Back ! :

At last ! Microsoft has done it with the addition of notification panel whose absence plagues all the previous Windows versions .Unfortunately it is very similar to that of Android and Ios but why are we complaining on the first place ? As the notification in either of Android or Ios suffice very well.The usage of Notifications is utterly similar to that of android, that is swiping from top to bottom of the screen to visualize the black screen of notification panel.It has every thing which we already expect such as WiFi settings , insetting panel , Updates or notifications set bar and many more.This feature acts like a icing over the cake!

SMS search :

Finally Microsoft had done a great job by adding a nifty SMS search feature to windows . You all know its importance right ? It helps us to search particular SMSes among a cluster of them.This feature alone removes the incompetency of Windows.


Wallpaper is the only thing which distinguishes the home screen of every other individual.But this was not the case in previous Windows versions.Previous windows versions lack the customizability of adding the wallpaper it its background.With the coming of Windows 8.1 , Wallpapers now make more meaning to home screen of this lovely live tiles.Wallpapers can be embedded into the tiles to look more bad-ass and cool which is always welcome in these smart-phonic era.

Conclusion :

With the coming of windows 8.1 , Microsoft has shown Google and Apple that it is not the company to avoid.Windows 8.1 acts as a crushing competition to Android and Apple but some people doesn't consider it.But nevertheless this new update is the best upgrade in history of Windows mobile according to us.This update has added a new strength to the windows platform and rejuvenated it.Another better thing about windows is that it is well optimized and does not have performance issues.In case if any , it resolves it by the array of beautiful animations which is a quite nifty technique.By the way, Windows market is growing strong day by day coping with Android and Ios.This makes Windows better than android or other platforms at-least in lower budget minded phones such as lumia 525 and 520.Nevertheless Microsoft has fixed many issues regarding windows and helped it to gain its original stature.
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HTC Desire 626G Plus Dual Sim Price and Specifications

HTC Desire 626G Plus Introduction:The HTC Desire 626G Plus was launched this year in the month of April and featured with 5.0 inches capacitive touchscreen powered with Mediatek chipset having an Octa-core processor. HTC 626 Plus specifications are pretty decent at a competitive price which really wows the customer to buy it. The phone is a dual SIM enabled and provided with 13 MP primary camera that take amazing photos. The design of HTC Desire 626G Plus is quite similar to HTC Desire 626, having 8.1 mm waistline this phone is also provided with dual speakers which are present in the front of the phone just like other HTC mobile phones.
HTC Desire 626G Plus Dual Sim Price
HTC Desire 626G Plus Mobile Phone

HTC Desire 626G Plus Dual Sim Price and Review:

Design Specifications:

Just like another phone in this range of HTC, the phone is made of robust plastic; the body of the phone is very stylish having a dual color design. The phone is rounded at the edges while having very nice ergonomics it provides a firm grip. The phone gives a premium look and haves a pleasant appearance. The polycarbonate used in the screen is really strong that resists scratches and fingerprint effectively. The phone being dual SIM, its slots and the Micro SD slot can be accessed through the flap which is present on the left of the casing.

The phone is moderately handy as its dimensions are 5.78 x 2.79 x 0.32 inches and you could have a little problem reaching the various parts of the screen. The phone weighs around 138 grams, thus making it perfect for long usage. The phone is available in three colour variants, namely White Birch, Purple Fire and Blue Lagoon.
HTC 626G Plus Specifications
HTC 626G Phone Specifications

Display Features:

The HTC Desire 626G Plus comes with a 5.0-inch capacitive touchscreen with 16M colours providing screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. The phone is multi-touch enabled with a pixel density of approximately 294 pixels per inch. The display is really vivid and bright with amazing colour reproduction and no pixelation problem. The phone provides optimum sharpness while the brightness produced by the phone is very high compared to phones present in its segment. The high brightness makes it easier for the user to use it in bright sunlight, while as far as the screen reflection is concerned; it is average just like other smartphones under 15,000.
HTC 626G Plus Display Quality
HTC 626G Plus Display Quality

Memory Storage:

The HTC Desire 626G Plus is provided with an 8 GB of internal memory which can be expanded using a MicroSD card up to 32 GB. It also comes with a 1 GB RAM.


The HTC Desire 626G Plus is powered with Mediatek MT6752 Chipset having 1.7 GHz Cortex-A53 Octa-core processor. The phone works really amazing and there are no issues related to delayed touch feedback and lag which again is the courtesy of the Octa core processor. The processor works in the middle range in the various benchmark tests done on it, the GFXBench test puts the phone in a decent gaming and application category. The Mozilla Kraken 1.1 test was done on the phone for the browser based benchmark test, it performed like a rock star. The GPU Mali-T760MP2 provides a perfect platform to play all types of games with very slightly reducing the details.

Camera Features:

The HTC Desire 626G Plus is provided with a 13 inches primary camera providing 4128 x 3096 pixels with functions like autofocus and LED flash. The secondary camera is of 5MP, which provides a 1080p quality and works decent enough. The phone can record videos too, and the primary camera has additional features like touch focus, panorama and HDR mode. The phone captures decent quality images that have the sharpness and bright colour. When sufficient light is present the camera captures amazing images, but in dim lighting conditions the images captured are a little bit pixilated with less detail. The phone has no optical image stabilization thus you have to keep your hand steady for taking snaps.
HTC 626G Plus Sample Photos
HTC 626G Plus Camera Quality

Battery Backup Life:

The HTC Desire 626G Plus is provided with 2000 mAh Non-Removable Li-Po battery that promises standby up to 521 hours on 2G networks and up to 458 h on 3G networks while the talk time of up to 22 h 40 min on 2G networks and up to 12 h 40 min on 3G networks. The battery works decent enough and if you fully charge the battery, then it will make through an entire day with moderate to heavy usage.

Technology Aspects:

The HTC Desire 626G Plus runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat version which is nearly outdated now while the UI provided is Sense v5.3 which is the older version of HTC Sense. The phone usage is really smooth as you would find no problem with the interface. HTC gives you the ability to switch to the Android’s UI if you are not satisfied with HTC’s UI. The phone comes pre-installed with Google Apps and HTC proprietary software’s. The best part about the phone is that whatever apps installed in it are somewhat useful and so no problems of bloatware. The phone is also provided with Radio.
HTC 626G Plus Unboxing
HTC 626G Plus Box


The HTC Desire 626G Plus is a solid phone with decent specifications and if you are looking for an average priced smartphone you can seriously consider 626G Plus as you get the added advantage of Dual SIM with it. The phone has scored a feature score of 71 on which is more than average while the users have given it a review score of 63 which gives it a neutral outlook. 

The Pricejugaad forecasts that that there would be no change in the HTC Desire 626G Plus Price over the next month and so if you are thinking of buying a good smartphone now is the right time.
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Buy The Quality Lacrosse Uniform Of Your Own Choice

If you are looking for lacrosse uniform, site offer one of the best lacrosse uniform in online shopping sites. The lacrosse uniforms available are the products of lightening wear. Lightening wear provide the best quality of sportswear to the athletes. The products produced are highly comfortable, long lasting and are affordable. The site providing the products of lightening wear are provided with the latest technology, using this technology the wear can be customized according to our own choice. For customizing the site has provided “online design” and in this customer can customize colours, choose work art present in the stock or add work art of our own. To help the customer in customizing the site is provided with “design ideas” and “tutorials”. In “design ideas” customer can copy the design model and use in the design online for customizing the products. In “tutorials” customers are taught to make change of colours, adding and choosing of work art, numbers etc. The site is well trusted and is fully free from viruses and threats. The site is simple in use, arranged well and simple to buy.

What are the products available in the site

All the produced by lightening wear are available in this site. Lightening wear provides sportswear for men, women and youth. Products such as reversible, sublimated, sublimated shorts and sublimated long, short sleeves shooter shirts, sublimated hooded sweatshirts, pinnies etc. are available. All these are of best quality, highly comfortable and are long lasting. All these products are available in all sizes for men, women and youth. Customer can also apply for the desired size without any extra charges.


Lacrosse uniforms of best quality products of lightening wear are available in the stocks. You may choose one of these or customize with your own and buy. One can change everything colours, design styles, work art, numbers etc. wherever desired. Sublimated lacrosse uniforms are also available in which dyes are used to design or made logo directly into the fabric. Customer can have sublimated logo or design anywhere in the garment as they desire. There are 1000+ different colours combination available one can choose. Special types of attractive vibrant colours with various designs are also added in it to make your favourite choice.
Lacrosse Uniform



It is simple to buy products from the site “”. While buying customer can either buy the products directly from the stocks available or can also buy by customizing the products if needed of your own. Just follow these simple steps below to buy your favorite products.

1) Select your favourite lacrosse uniform and click on it.

2) To design and buy your favourite uniform click the “Design & Buy” options design of your own choice save it and follow from the step no. 4 or to buy the products directly click “Buy it Now” option.

3) Select the desired colour of inner and outer sides and size.

4) Click on the option “buy it now” to proceeds further.

5) Enter the address with PIN and click pay for the payment.

6) The product will be delivered in the given address within a few weeks.

Lacrosse uniforms manufactured by lightening wear are the best quality which will provide you much comfort, to manufacture the products they use the latest technology of sublimation machine which gives much attractive and long lasting fabric. So I hope the information above is helpful if you are searching for better lacrosse uniform.
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